Eisner award nominee in our midst.

Did you know that our very own Brandon Easton, writer of the upcoming Interceptor:Genesis kickstarter, was just announced as an Eisner award nominee for best single issue? For those of you that do not know what an Eisner award is, an Eisner for comics is like an Academy Award for acting. I hope this shows you how much top notch
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The Interceptor: Genesis kickstarter has reached it’s first Milestone.

With one week into the Interceptor Kickstarter, we have reached our first Milestone Reward! As a gift to everyone that has pledged and is supporting our project, you will be getting a digital copy of Unstoppable Comics: The Character Guide #1 sent directly to your  email. This is a great addition to for those looking to find out what lies
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Interceptor: Genesis, Kickstarter Campaign

We have just launched our first Kickstarter campaign, and could not be more excited that Interceptor is the first character from the Unstoppable Comics Universe to be kicking things off.  In a 2 part limited series, written by Brandon Easton, illustrated by Russ leach and colored by Michael Summers, Interceptor is getting the solo star treatment. To reward those that are pre
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Grimfang Captured Stormchasers #1 redux

Stormchasers #1 Redux, preview

Here are a few quick preview pages to the redux of Stormchasers #1. I hope you guys like it, Russ and Mike have been hard at work on this, and if these few pages are any indication, this issue is going to be awesome. Stormchasers #1 Redux, will be a full color, 24 page comic that will retail for $2.99. Check back for more
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Unstoppable Origins #4 preview

Here is a preview of the pencils to Unstoppable Origins #4. These pages from Russ were so awesome I just could not hold back, I had to put them up right away. For those of you who do not know Russ Leach, he is the illustrator on Unstoppable Comics’ lead title The Stormchasers, who also make an appearance in this
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Stormchasers #1 Redux!?

A big project has been in the works at Unstoppable Comics. You may notice by going through the Unstoppable Comics website there is no mention of early Stormchasers issues nor is it available for download for free. That is because we retelling of the 1st 3 issues of the Stormchasers. Some people may think this is a reboot and I assure you it is
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Unstoppable Comics will be at C2E2 2014

On April 25th 2014 Unstoppable Comics will be at booth #102 during C2E2 in Chicago at the South Building at McCormick Place. We are really excited about this because it is the 1st time we are venturing out west, unfortunately we will not have as big a presence at C2E2 as we’ve had at NYCC because the decision was made
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Unstoppable Origins #3 Preview

Here is a 4 page preview to Unstoppable Origins #3. This issue is part 2 to the origin of Phantomhawk and is written by horror novelist Eric S. Brown, illustrated by Russ Leach, colored by Michael Summers, and lettered by JayDee Rosario. Unstoppable Origins #3 will debut in print at the New York Comic Con on Oct 10th, and be
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Dragonstorm artist Craig Shepard at NYCC 2013.

On Saturday October 12th, Dragonstorm artist Craig Shepard will be in the Unstoppable Comics booth at NYCC. Want his autograph on a copy of Dragonstorm #1 & #2? He can do that. Want to take a snazzy snapshot with him on your mobile device? He can do that. Want an ultra rare, super limited,  blank cover copy of Dragonstorm #1 with
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9/11 Tribute character: The Smokejumper

9/11 is not just any day, it is a frozen moment in time. It is one of those moments of time where everyone remembers where they were, what they were doing, who they were with, or what happened. “We will never forget”, is not just a slogan or a motto, it is a truth. We will never forget the loved ones
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